How to Start an Online Coaching Business

The first thing we need to understand about coaching is that it is all about the destination you take your clients, not the method on how they will get there. Transformation is everything. They don’t buy the plane ride; they buy the beach.

Our system as an online coach is what will deliver the results our clients desire in their life. The clients we serve are either moving away from pain or towards pleasure. So our messaging needs to reflect those two core things.

The second is knowing who we do and do not serve. If we try to help everyone as an online coach, we will in fact end up helping no one. Like that saying a jack of all trades is a master of none.

We need to stop being so vague with our audience. We can’t be afraid to deflect those who are not our ideal clients. Get zeroed into the one thing that keeps them up at night.

Keep your messaging simple. Go deep. Don’t be afraid to carve out your space so you become specialized. When you know who, at this level you serve as an online coach, you can begin to speak to the narrative in their head.

The third step is understanding how to deliver results. We can reverse engineer from A to Z or Z to A. Really dial into what our framework is to best serve our clients. We are taking them from where they are to where they want in a short time frame.

This process becomes our core framework of service. Build out an action plan so there are milestone steps along their journey with you coaching them along the way. Milestones are how they know if they are winning. Clients need to see their wins.

The last step is validating your offer as an online coach by finding 5 to 10 beta participants to go through your process. Make sure you trade for feedback and testimonials.

Find them by posting online via your social media channels asking if there’s interest in your X thing. This will most likely lead to a discovery call with you and from there you can book them in this program at a discounted rate.

I encourage you to charge because people pay more attention when they pay.

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