In this post we will explain how to create a Google Download Link for your Lead Magnets. Lead magnets are your deliverable assets like ebooks, guides, cheat sheets, and more that people optin into for free or very low cost.

The first thing you need to create Google Download Link is to set up a Gmail account. If you already have one in place then great!

Google does have a paid plan with Google Workspace that ranges from $6 to $12 a month, but the free gmail account will work for this too. A paid just gets additional bells and whistles like more storage space, file stream for cloud access and the coveted Branded Email address.

The second thing is you create your asset in Google Drive, save the file type, then “Right Click” on it and hit the (Share with Google Drive) option. Simply select the correct settings but keep it as “view only”. Then save and grab that link.

The third thing is you post that link in your email that goes out once someone subscribes or buys from you for them to now be able to access that digital asset!

This link could be put in email marketing software you may already have.

Watch The Video On This Here:

Create A Google Download Link For Lead Magnets

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