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Do you feel you are just wired a certain way? Or do you say things like, “well this is just how I have always done it”? Or how about this one, “it is what it is and there’s no changing it”?

Let’s get into how we can truly change our mindset and our behavior and how the brain plays a huge part in this transformation.

In order for change to happen, we need to first believe it is possible, right?

And once we see that it is truly possible we then need to recognize or acknowledge what it is we want to change. Once those two things happen, the real work begins because change takes focus, dedication, and a whole lot of persistence!

Step #1:Change begins with our brain.

Because everything we do, experience, think, hope, and imagine physically changes our brain through what is called neuroplasticity.

Our brains have all these little connections and as we use these connections they get stronger. The connections we don’t use get weaker and eventually get taken over by new ones.

Neuroplasticity works under the same conditions as physical exercise does for the body. A single Zumba class or one run is not going to make much difference. However, the same practices done with consistency, over time, will gradually have noticeable, lasting effects on your body. The same is true for the practices which shape the brain.

Do you remember back when you were in school and you would use flashcards to remember facts for a big test? You would go over and over those flashcards until you could remember all the things written on the backs of them. This is a perfect example of neuroplasticity.

Each time you read or said the things on the flashcards, you were strengthening a connection in your brain, and over time those connections grew stronger so that you wouldn’t even have to think about the answer, it would just pop into your brain.

And over time, you didn’t use that knowledge written on the flashcards, so something more relevant took its place.

If you want to change your mindset and behavior, you have complete control to change it because every minute of every day you are reshaping your brain.

Step #2: Recognizing that you want change.

Recognizing the things we want to change takes awareness. Sometimes we mindlessly go through the motions of everyday living without really realizing the effect they have on us or others. We can easily get into ruts with our mindset and behavior.

The brain takes shape according to what you rest your mind upon. If you are regularly resting your mind upon worries, self-criticism, and anger then your brain will gradually take that shape -- it will develop neural structures and dynamics of anxiety, low sense of worth, and prickly reactivity to others.

On the other hand, if you regularly rest your mind upon, for example noticing you're all right now, seeing the good in yourself, and have the ability to let go… then your brain will gradually take the shape of calm strength, self-confidence, and inner peace.

This sounds simple, too easy, and the concept is. However, harnessing neuroplasticity as an adult requires specific circumstances, including focus, dedication, and persistence, but it can be done. What you pay attention to, what you think and feel and want, and how you react and behave all physically shape your brain.

If we picture an old country truck driving down a long country driveway, day in and day out, the truck's tires eventually create valleys along this path, right? The more the truck drives down that same path the deeper those little valleys sink in. Once this path becomes familiar, the driver and the truck's tires just distinctively follow the valleys in the earth with no thought or resistance.

But when the driver wants to drive a slightly different path, the driver has to take a little tighter grip on the steering wheel. She needs to be a little more focused and determined. She needs to have a new route clearly mapped out in her mind. And the moment she loses focus, the truck's tires easily slip right back onto those old carved-out valleys she spent years creating.

Step #3: Change is hard.

It takes dedication and time. But is it possible, hell yes it is!!

I want you to picture this with me... every new thing we learn or experience our brain literally creates a spark and ignites these little construction workers that emerge and pave us new little roads. Even watching this video at this very moment is igniting those construction workers.

So, when we want to create a change, we need to make our new roads familiar, and our roads unfamiliar. When we get into our vehicles each and every morning, if we aren’t focused and determined to travel down our new road, we can easily let our tires slip back into the valleys of our old ways, and our new roads will simply fade away.

Let’s face it, change is going to take a while. Every once in a while we are going to start our day and we are going to be tired and we are going to let our tires slip back into the

old ruts, but that is ok. We know that if we snap into our awareness, we can just tighten our grip on the steering wheel and move right back into the lane we want to travel in. And over time, our old valleys will begin to level out and our new roads will begin to earn the grooves of becoming comfortable and familiar. It doesn’t matter what it was in the past, we are here to learn how to make it better from this moment on. We are here to ignite those little construction workers and let them get to work.

In short, we discussed how the mind loves what is familiar. And in order to be successful in anything new, we need to make the familiar unfamiliar and the unfamiliar familiar.

What is negative and familiar, we are going to make it unfamiliar by leaving it behind, and what is positive and unfamiliar, we are going to make it familiar by leaning into it.

Just understanding this one concept, and putting it into motion, can literally change everything.

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