How To Promote Your Lead Magnet or Freebie

You’ve created your lead magnet, now what? How do you get that darn thing out there?!!

Never fear, this blog is here...

To help you with ways to promote your lead magnet and start attracting those dream clients.

Because the whole reason you created that lead magnet in the first place was to attract your dream clients and build up your email list, right?

The best way to turn your followers into clients is by nurturing that relationship. Emails allow you to connect with them consistently and on a deeper level.

News Flash: Just because you are friends on Facebook, doesn’t mean they see your posts….

We all understand that in order to promote our lead magnet or freebie we need to SHARE IT. But how?

Here are 8 ways you can share your lead magnet or freebie:

1- Facebook Page - Place your lead magnet or freebie on you cover photo with a call to action. And on the photo description, place the link to your freebie.

2- Featured Photo on Facebook - in the description of your featured photo put the link to your lead magnet.

3- Your Facebook Group - Share your freebie in a Post-And then Pin that post as an announcement. This way it always stays at the top.

4- Other groups - A lot of groups run promotion days. Make sure you are following their posting rules!

5- Insta/Facebook Stories- On Instagram, you can save your stories to your highlight reel, this makes it so they don't disappear in 24 hours. Go deeper- Make a series that talks about your freebie and then save it as a highlight on your profile.

6- Place it on your Website/funnel -Place your lead magnet on a banner, pop-up, side banner, or within a section on your website. Make it easily accessible.

7- Blog home page- Right at the top or side banner of your blog home page is a great place for your lead magnet or freebie.

The most important place and our tip number 8 is- you want to share your lead magnet or freebie where information is Searchable. - When your ideal client is searching for answers on Google, you want your freebie to show up. Searchable places are Blog Post Pages, YouTube Videos, and Pinterest.

Let's face it, Posts die- they get buried. Posts aren’t even shared with all the people on your lists.

Even though you can now pin a post on your Facebook profile, people still have to actually go to your page to see it, so...

You want it searchable. This is how new people can find you Year after Year ….and the valuable content you worked so hard to put out there.

Here's the video if you would like to watch it:

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