In this post we are going to reveal How you can avoid information overload. This is a BIG thing that with the information age affects many of us. When it comes to understanding how you can avoid information overload we have to

#1 Discover The Power Of Straight Talk With Ourselves.

We do this by asking questions that may not be easy. We need to find what’s critical vs trivial (needed vs easy).

Then we eliminate the many options and focus on a few. Essentially we choose 2 to a MAX of 3 Goals. Because I realize most goals have multiple sub steps to them that are often not being counted.

#2 How To Reduce Noise In Headspace

With so much thrown at us we have to eliminate noise in our headspace. If you are trying to “remember it all” this just creates unneeded stress and bandwidth drain. You have to give yourself permission to pause. Take time to chart out a course and create an achievable action plan. Use tools to help you like a Planner or Asana. These will help to make all the difference.

Most mornings I don’t know what I’m doing because it’s all listed out in my Asana App. I literally put things there so I don’t have to remember!

#3 Power Of Know and No

Finally #3 Is all about finding our power of KNOW and NO! Once we know what to do we can say NO to other things present to us. We have to stop saying YES to the good so we can say Yes to the great!

Just because you “could doesn’t mean you should” do something. It’s time to draw lines in the sand when otherwise you begin to take on too much. This then causes you to deprioritize your other tasks, burn the midnight oil and stretch yourself thin.

Do you say no to taking courses before you're ready to actually apply them or do you stop buying that next tool before you know you're going to use it?

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