In this post we are going to reveal how to start your own business online course. Will talk through 3 key pillars you need to #1 Tools to Grow And Automate, #2 Creating Your Proprietary Solutions, #3 Things Most Others Leave Out But You NEED!

Plus, at the end of this post I’ll even show you how to get started FAST & For FREE!!

When it comes to learning how to start your own business online course

FIRST realize there’s a core set of tools you must have:

Sales Funnels / Membership Areas

Booking Calendars / Email Marketing

But having tools isn’t enough – knowing HOW to use them is what's key.

I spent years online finding what does and doesn’t work and now have an All-In-One System that does all this AND more from one single dashboard that I tell you about later in the post.

SECOND... You need to develop your own CORE Proprietary Framework or Solutions you provide to people

To do this simply map out what it is you do so you know how you serve others.

Your system will change over time, but start with a baseline in place so you can know how you take someone from A to Z with the solutions you provide.

We take people from Idea to Online in a matter of weeks with our FREE Impact Accelerator training. Yes, the training is free for all our Movement Formula users.

I’ll share with you how to get access later in this post.

The THIRD item we need to talk about is things others don’t really mention, but are important for your safety and legality of your online business.

You need to have your own Domain Address, sometimes called URL, or Website Address. This is how people find you. Then you need to set up a branded email for that domain. It makes you look more professional and empowers you to be ready for email marketing.

Key points are to also set up a PO BOX for your email marketing emails. An address is required by law, but you don’t want your home address listed on all emails going out.

Next, take time to create an actual LLC for your business. This also adds a layer of protection for you.

You can then get a business bank account and separate business cash flow from personal cash flow.

Do you have these items in place? I’m no lawyer, but I didn’t start with them all at the beginning, but over time added each to our business operations.

Watch The Video On This Here:

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