How To Create A Lead Magnet

Everyone is always saying you need a lead magnet! But your thoughts are “how do I create a lead magnet? What should it be about? Do I have to write an ebook? How do I know what to put in this crazy lead magnet?”

You can stop stressing about how to create a lead magnet because we are going to go over 3 Ideas to get your ideas flowing.

TIP #1 Answer Your Ideal Clients Questions

The first thing every lead magnet needs to contain is it should answer the common questions you get when telling someone what you do.

By answering these questions in your lead magnet you are quickly moving your potential clients to the next step in becoming your client.

This can be done with a Checklist or something like my Top 5 Favorite Tips, or even simply 5 Most Common Questions I Am Asked. Just make sure you are addressing the questions they might have inside your Lead Magnet.

TIP #2 Provide Information They Need

Your Lead Magnet could provide important information they might need to know prior to getting on a coaching call with you.

What can you tell them to give them a better understanding of what you do or what is expected of them?

Do you do any breathing techniques with your clients on your coaching calls? If so, a guide on the benefits of certain breathing techniques would be a great lead magnet.

Do you do energy clearing? If so, a great lead magnet could be things they should do prior to or after an energy clearing session. This could be done in the form of an action guide. 5 Things You Should Do Before…. 5 Action Steps You Need To Take After… I am sure you get the idea here...

TIP #3 Qualify Them As An Ideal Client

The third thing your lead magnet should do is it should qualify them as your ideal client. You will want to create a lead magnet that addresses specific needs your ideal client will have.

What are your ideal client's pain points? What transformation are you looking to give your clients? Ask yourself what common interests do people have who seek out your services.

You will want to create a lead magnet that your ideal client would love or really needs to know.

If your ideal clients are busy moms, then your lead magnet will identify how busy moms can do something without a lot of stress or time. It wouldn’t be something that retired men would be attracted to, right?

When creating your lead magnet ask yourself, is this specific enough that it naturally is attracting the clients I want to work with?

Are you using their language? Are the images you picked portraying your ideal client or something they are seeking in their life?

And there you have it, 3 tips to get your ideas flowing so you can stop procrastinating and create your lead magnet.

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