Did you know that our brain has a delete button? It does! It doesn’t matter what yesterday looked like because all we need to do is hit that delete button and move forward.

This is so fascinating …. Our brain literally makes space by deleting old connections so it can have more space for us to build new and stronger connections.

So if you want to have a more positive mindset, stick around because we are going to discuss how we accomplish exactly that!

Point #1

In order to learn something new like a positive mindset, or to unlearn an old way (negative mindset), we need to break down the old neural connections or hit the delete button. The scientific name for this delete button in our brain is called “synaptic pruning”.

Imagine your brain is like a garden, but instead of growing flowers or vegetables, you grow synaptic connections.

And inside our little brain garden, we have 2 sets of little gardeners, glial and microglial.

The gardeners called Glial cells have a job and that job is to fertilize, or speed up signals that travel the connectors between certain neurons within our brains.

So the connectors we use continually inside our brain, are the ones that will get watered and oxygenated, creating a stronger connection.

Ok, so how does this information help us to have a more positive mindset you ask… well, we are getting to that next.

Point #2

But we also have the second set of gardeners, the waste removers or called microglial cells. They pull up the weeds, rake up the dead leaves, kill all the pests; they prune our synaptic connections.

The synaptic connections that we don’t use eventually get marked for recycling and the glial gardeners come in and take away the waste while we sleep.

Did you know that our brain cells can shrink up to 60% each night.

This is how our brain makes physical space for us to build new and stronger connections to learn new things.

Have you ever woken up from a good night's sleep and been able to think clearly and quickly? This is why.

Thinking with a sleep-deprived brain is like hacking your way through a dense jungle with a machete. It’s overgrown and exhausting.

But, thinking on a well-rested brain is like wandering happily through a park; the paths are clear, trees are in place and you can see far ahead of you. It's invigorating.

Point #3

In order to change that negative mindset we need to first recognize the negative thoughts or stories that are replaying over and over on that movie projector inside our brains. And then we need to stop thinking about it. Even when we are reminded of it, we need to change our focus and attention to something more positive.

It helps to make this plan ahead of time. When I notice I am thinking of this, or thinking like this, I am going to stop, take a deep breath and focus my attention on this more positive thought.

Having that plan in place helps you to shift your thinking faster. And Sooner or later that negative thinking will get marked for recycling. It just takes perseverance.

But let me remind you to have some grace with yourself while you are trying to delete these old habits, they have been built up to be strong in your mind and you have to work on them daily to weaken them. It won’t happen overnight.

But the good news is, you know you have science on your side. They will be deleted if you keep up the good work.

You can have a more positive mindset simply by refocusing your attention to something good every time these negative things pop into your head.

It’s kind of like that Whack a mole game. Negative thought pops up and you hit it on its head with your positive thought…

Remember you got this.

Here's the video if you would like to watch it:

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