How To Stay Focused and Motivated In Your Business

I have 10 Tips for you on how to stay motivated in your business while working from home.

Tip #1

Getting real on what works for you. It is easy to try to do what we see others doing, and sometimes that works, but knowing when it doesn't, and figuring out what works best by you doing you.

Tip #2

Working from home gives us a lot of flexibility.

We no longer have a boss that stares over our shoulder and tells us what to do when so we can do the work in the order that is best for us. Having this flexibility is a great motivator for us in our business. It can also be something that makes it hard to stay focused and motivated. Make sure you are using this flexibility to do the things you need to do in the best way possible for you.

Tip #3

Are you a morning person or a night owl? Knowing that you can work during the hours that you work best is a great way to stay focused and motivated.

Tip #4

Working from your pajamas is a great motivator for me, but if you need to get dressed in your work clothes and make-up to spark your brain into knowing it is time to get to work, then you do that!

Tip #5

Mindset plays a huge part in staying focused and motivated. Sometimes we just need to make sure we are keeping our mindset focused on our motivation. Focusing on being happy and motivated will help tremendously.

Tip # 6

Taking lots of breaks will help you sustain your motivation throughout the day. Eat healthy snacks, play with your pets, or even doing the dishes, which helps let your mind rest periodically throughout the day.

Tip #7

Having a designated workspace will help you stay focused and motivated while working from home. Knowing that you are sitting in your "workspace" will tell your brain that you are sitting down to work.

Tip #8

Making sure you have designated work times will really enhance your motivation. It is easy for us entrepreneurs to work from sun up to sundown, but we really need to try to have a set time that we leave work to be done for the next day.

Tip #9

Having a clean environment to work in helps us stay focused and motivated. Take a few minutes to tidy up your desk before getting to work.

Tip # 10

Self-care is really important when we work from home. Doing something small like turning on your defuser with a fresh new scent will help you feel rejuvenated while working from home.

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