What To Know When Starting An Online

Coaching Business

What do you need to know about starting an online coaching business? Here are three core items that are often overlooked but are essential to being successful when starting an online coaching business.

Core Item #1 is a Sales Funnel

Having a sales funnel to make money is pretty common but there are parts of it that are not often explained. There are a few additional things that you need to have set up to make the funnel work properly. First, you will need to have a payment gateway like Stripe set up that will connect your funnel to your business bank account.

Core Item #2 is a PO Box

A P.O Box will help protect you from the crazies while also ensuring you are not breaking any laws. Spam laws dictate that you need an address in the footer of all your emails. If this is not in place you can get some pretty hefty fines, and we don't want that. You can also use your local UPS or FedEx to rent a physical address with a Suite number instead of a PO Box. You can also use an online option like physicaladdress.com. This usually costs about $10 a month.

Core Item #3 is Email Marketing

Having an email marketing system is core item #3. When starting an online coaching business, needing an email marketing tool is often overlooked and becomes another added cost for your business.

Email marketing tool (or an SMTP service) is the software that you connect to your funnels or websites so that you can send out mass emails to your leads and clients.

Some platforms have an email service in place while others have you purchase your own and then try to connect to theirs.

This can be a surprise cost that could be $15 or more a month to run the business.

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